Express to impress

Kleding, non verbaal gedrag, lichaamshouding, uiterlijk

allemaal aspecten die je persoonlijkheid en je communicatie typeren.

Sleutelwoord is congruentie, de verbinding tussen binnenkant en buitenkant. Je wilt laten zien wie je bent, je persoonlijkheid en je professionaliteit uitstralen bij een belangrijke gebeurtenis. Je weet dat kleding daarin een belangrijke rol heeft.

En toch slaag je er niet in om de ideale outfit te vinden. Ik geef je graag advies over welke kleding jouw persoonlijkheid, jouw professionaliteit en jouw kwaliteiten onderstreept.

✓ zodat jij weet hoe kleur & stijl jouw persoonlijkheid versterken

✓ zodat jij weet welke  kleuren, stoffen en prints bij jou passen

✓ zodat jij thuis bent in de psychologische betekenis van het gebruik van kleuren in kleding

✓ zodat jij de kracht van kleding weet te benutten in situaties die er voor jou toe doen

Als je geïnteresseerd bent in mijn aanpak, lees het verhaal van Karen.

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I received an invitation to a very special event / ball, where the dress code is very important and for example many ladies carry evening dresses that are design-made for the event. Other invitees are high´-level, and also key influencers and stakeholders as regards my work.

So it was important to dress up perfect in order to make an impression overall, but also professionally.

Nan was super enthusiastic to help. We started by analyzing my personality and characteristics I display, and then focusing on which characteristics I wanted to display at the event with my dress. These were among other ‘power’, accessible, classical, professional – not necessarily an easy combination.

It was an interesting process and Nan was very thorough and helped me to assess and clarify my thinking: it is not easy to choose and decide amongst thousands of different possibilities for an evening dress.

We discussed among other the colors, materials and possible design of the dress. She was also giving options of different designers that might be able to assist with the dress.

Thanks to this analysis, once we found a suitable designer, it was very easy to look at his proposed designs and tell what I wanted. Also choosing color was very easy. Nan definitely helped to save lot of time and effort in getting to this point. In addition, after the dress was on its way to be made, she helped to find the right accessories.

The dress was just gorgeous, having perfectly the impact I had wanted and I received many compliments wearing it. But most importantly, it really felt like me, and what I wanted to be during that special night.

One could think that it’s easy to choose the right dress as there is so much choice, but truth is that without professional help such as from Nan, I would have spent endless days looking for the right dress, and in the end maybe bought it based on impulse and possibly would not have felt as comfortable as I did during that event.

First impression matters so help from a professional could be a very worthy investment! Not only was the outcome successful but also the process of getting there with Nan was extremely pleasant. She really thinks for you, and her open and friendly personality make it a lot of fun as well.

I would not hesitate to recommend her for anyone who wants to learn more about how to dress to impress, while being yourself, and to bring your best side forward.

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